About Us

Being in this field of Real Estate for almost 3 decades now, Virat has carved out a niche for itself. We believe in establishing a lifelong relationship with our customers, a relationship based on trust, faith and satisfaction. With extremely high standards of quality maintained, both in terms of practices and materials we can boast of utmost product and service excellence in property development as well as consultancy services.

Whether we are inducting novel technologies or improving existing ones, our sights are always on building better homes that exist a lifetime. With each project of ours we aim to changing the face of the city and life of the citizens.

The colour green in our identity depicts hope, growth and prosperity and at the same time it symbolizes our responsibility towards environmental sustainability for our communites and future generations. Hard work, knowledge and performance have sustained Virat and it will do so for years to come.


Mr. Paresh Parikh
A Civil Engineer from BVM, Vidyanagar, Mr. Paresh has an experience of for more than 27 years. He has been the pioneer in establishing Virat Construction. Having profuse knowledge of technical and managerial aspects of Construction, he has successfully integrated both of them into the business.